getting to know daniel litton…

       Daniel Litton serves as the Bible teacher featured on Peace to Live By, a weekly radio broadcast originating from Powell, Ohio. With a possible listening audience and potential reach to thousands of people over the airwaves on a weekly basis, he is optimistic about the countless possibilities of reaching many with foundational and solid Bible teaching, as well as presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who desperately need to hear it. With his teaching rooted in strong theological concepts, Daniel seeks to present the truth found in Scripture in a practical and clear way.

       Before his role in teaching with the radio ministry, Daniel participated in an Incarnational Theology (doctrines of the Bible) leadership program through his local church, where he earned certification in Biblical theology and church leadership. Loving the study of God's Word, Daniel has accumulated a vast database of knowledge since he became saved.

       Daniel has stated, "To really understand me, one needs to know that I was born again to saving faith in Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior on September 3, 2000. On the morning of that day, my eyes were opened and I saw the world for how it really is, and who the Creator is. Obviously, this had a dramatic impact on my life, as I no longer lived following the typical drumbeat of the world’s systems, but rather trying to discern from the Scriptures the appropriate way to live life. I have never regretted my Christianity, and would live life the same way if I had to do it all over."

       When not teaching or working, Daniel does have a broad array of other interests, like traveling, for instance. He has stated, "I enjoy traveling around the States when I have vacation time, as I’ve been to 48 of the 50 so far. Hawaii and Alaska are the only two states I haven’t been in. And the 48 I have been to were done by car. I hear that Alaska is a pretty hard drive as I've listened to some horror stories from people who have done it. It's not that flying bothers me at all, as I have flown recently, but I just enjoy the driving.”